Girls in Control goes Virtual

On Monday, July 13, the first day of the 21st IFAC World Congress, the Girls in Control Workshop (GIC) took place. Close to 100 girls of the age 10 to 15 years from all over the world participated in learning sessions about control. These sessions were offered in English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, and Portuguese. Besides learning control theoretic principles and the brainstorming on the many different control applications, the girls also derived the concept of a proportional controller and finally implemented their first controllers in the Scratch programming language.

Looking into the happy faces, answering the many creative questions and seeing so many bears finally catching the ball in Scratch - one can certainly consider this Girls in Control workshop a great success. We are planning to repeat the workshop and extend it in the future!

Thank you to all the colleagues who made this workshop possible:

  • Margret Bauer
  • Gunhild Elisabeth Berget
  • Pauline Bernard
  • Inger Berge Hagen
  • Roxanne Jackson
  • Steffi Knorn
  • Anne Koch
  • Caterine Oliveira
  • Alessandra Parisio
  • Eduardo Rath Rohr
  • Damiano Varagnolo
  • Cristiano Maria Verrelli